When registering railway rolling stock, it is necessary to complete this declaration indicating that national and international sanctions are respected:


The procedures for the registration of railway rolling stock shall be determined by Cabinet Regulation No. 200 of 29 March 2022, Procedures for the Registration of Railway Rolling Stock, drawn up in accordance with Commission Decision 2011/107/EU of 10 February 2011 adopting common specifications for national vehicle registers amending Decision 2007/756/EC.

In order to make changes to the national register of rolling stock, the owner of the rolling stock or his authorised person may submit documents to the State Railway Administration in two ways:

1) by submitting a completed European model form:

(for submission in person or by electronic signature);

2) entering into an agreement with the State Railway Administration regarding the use of specialised software (REPS). THE REPS shall allow the owner of the rolling stock or the person authorised by it to remotely inspect all information in the national register of the rolling stock concerning the rolling stock belonging to his or her company, as well as, if necessary, submit an electronic application to the State Railway Administration for changes to the national register of rolling stock. The use of this service is free of charge and is intended for companies with dozens of vehicles.

After examining the submitted documents, the State Railway Administration shall issue a statement to the owner or his or her authorised person (a document in the form of paper or a document with a secure electronic signature using REPS) regarding the changes made to the National Register of Railway Rolling Stock.


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