What is the State Railway Administration?

The State Railway Administration shall implement the State administration in the railway transport sector.

The State Railway Administration shall be under the authority of the Ministry of Transport, which shall be implemented in the form of supervision.

What functions does the State Railway Administration perform?

The main functions of the State Railway Administration are specified in Section 31 of the Railway Law:

  • register the railway infrastructure;
  • registration of rolling stock;
  • issue licences for the carriage of railways;
  • give an opinion on the closure of individual public-use track sections or tracks;
  • review complaints from the applicant;
  • monitor the competitive situation in rail services markets;
  • develop a railway environmental policy;
  • assess the risks posed by the railway infrastructure to human health and the environment;
  • exchange information on their work with the relevant authorities of other Member States of the European Union;
  • supervise the requirements for independence of the public-use railway infrastructure manager in the performance of essential functions, review complaints from carriers regarding breaches of these independence requirements and take appropriate decisions and others.

How do I contact the State Railway Administration?