On 1 May 2019, the Whistleblowing Law entered into force with a view to strengthening the protection of alert elevators and promoting the raising of alerts in the public interest for a variety of offences.

An alert lifer shall provide information which has been obtained in the performance of the duties of work (position) or in any other way, while working in an institution in which the violation has occurred. Accordingly, the alert agent may make a significant contribution to the detection and prevention of infringements which pose a threat to the public interest by informing certain facts and persons involved.

The alleged infringement may be reported to a competent authority which is an authority with the relevant mandate (authorisation) and the right to verify the veracity of the information specified in the alert alert alert alert alert and to address the infringers either at the initiation of an examination, investigation or other control activities for the detection, prevention and punishment of irregularities.

Submission of alert

An alert lifer shall submit a report, observing the requirements specified in Section 3 of the Application Law and indicating that it is an alert alert alert alert, or using the alert form.

A report shall be submitted to the State Railway Administration in a closed envelope marked “alert report”:

  • by post;
  • shall be submitted during work in person;

Contact the State Railway Administration:

In addition to information on the nature of the alert, reporting mechanisms, lists of competent authorities are available on the website: www.trauksmescelejs.lv