In carrying out the registration of the railway infrastructure, it is necessary to complete this declaration indicating that national and international sanctions are respected:


The State Railway Administration shall perform the registration of the infrastructure and take decisions regarding the registration of the public-use railway infrastructure in the status of the private-use railway infrastructure in the case referred to in Section 5, Paragraph four of the Railway Law.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/777 of 16 May 2019 on common specifications for railway infrastructure and repealing Implementing Decision 2014/880/EU applies to the EU as from 16 June 2019.

National law requires public or private railway infrastructure owners or railway infrastructure managers to register the railway infrastructure (track) in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No.489 of 29 December 1998 “National registration and accounting procedures for railway infrastructure (track)”.

Cabinet Regulation No. 411 of 20 October 1998, "Regulations regarding the breakdown of the railway infrastructure of strategic and regional importance", defines the breakdown of the railway infrastructure according to the strategic (national) importance of the railway infrastructure and the railway infrastructure of regional importance.

Cabinet Regulation No. 215 of 15 May 2018 “Regarding the granting of the status of public-use railway infrastructure” shall determine the status of the public-use railway infrastructure for certain railway stations under the management of the “Latvian Railways”.


Valērijs Stuppe

Deputy director, Head of division
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