National law determining the activities of the Authority:

  • Railway Law;
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 13, 04.01.2005, Bylaw of the State Railway Administration;

  • Cabinet Regulation No. 489, 29.12.1998, Procedures for the State Registration and Accounting of Railway Infrastructure (Track);

  • Cabinet Regulation No. 411, 20.10.1998, Regulations Regarding the Breakdown of Infrastructure for Strategic and Regional Interest;

  • Cabinet Regulation No. 215, 15.05.2018. On the granting of the status of public-use railway infrastructure;

  • Cabinet Regulation No. 200, 29.03.2022. Procedures for the Registration of Railway Rolling Stock;

  • Cabinet Regulation No. 558, 16.08.2016. Regulations Regarding Licensing of Railway Carriers;

  • Cabinet Regulation No. 472, 15.07.2016. Regulations Regarding the Capacity Sharing of Public Use Rail Infrastructure;

  • Cabinet Regulation No. 244, 19.04.2016. Regulations regarding the content of the public use railway infrastructure network review;

  • Cabinet Regulations No. 245,19.04.2016. Regulations Regarding Accounting Information to be submitted to the State Railway Administration;

  • Cabinet Regulation No. 217, 29.04.2014. By-law of the Advisory Council on the Railway of Historic Heritage;

  • Cabinet Regulation No. 540, 25.08.20202020, Regulations Regarding Services provided by the Public Use Railway Infrastructure Manager in Border Areas.

The State Railway Administration shall, as the regulatory body of the railway sector, implement the functions specified in the EU railway legislation: